The Application of Word of Mouth in Building Community Trust and University Brand Image on Selection Decision for UPBJJ-UT Ternate
Society Volume 9 Issue 1#2021
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Community Trust;
Customer Selection Decision;
Open University;
University Image;
Word of Mouth (WoM)

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Anfas, A., Hidayanti, I., Umasugi, M., & Yusuf, I. (2021). The Application of Word of Mouth in Building Community Trust and University Brand Image on Selection Decision for UPBJJ-UT Ternate. Society, 9(1), 356-379.


This study examines the application of word of mouth to build community trust and university brand image on the community selection decision for UPBJJ-UT Ternate. The samples were obtained from eight regencies in North Maluku Province through a survey method aided with Smart PLS 3.8 analysis. In addition to the insignificant effect of university image on community selection decision, the findings indicated that (1) university image has a significant effect on word of mouth, (2) community trust has a significant effect on word of mouth, (3) community trust has a significant effect on selection decision, and (4) word of mouth has a significant effect on community selection decision.

PDF (English)
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)


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