Vol 7 No 2 (2019): Society

Nationally Accredited Journal by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Decree 28 /E / KPT / 2019, rank 2 (Accredited B), valid until 2023.

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Muhammad Syukur
Hegemonic Practices of Upperclassmen to Freshmen Within College Life
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.112
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Rufti Puji Astuti, Novyandra Ilham Bahtera, Eddy Jajang Jaya Atmaja
Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Behaviors of Muntok White Pepper Farmers
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.116
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Evi Sukmayeti
A Social Mapping of Fishermen Resource and Accessibility for Coastal Tourism Development Policy
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.101
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Abdul Malik Iskandar, Hasanuddin Kasim, Harifuddin Halim
The Childless Couple Efforts to Harmonize Their Marital Relationships
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.100
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Maksud Hakim
Fatalism and Poverty in Fishing Communities
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.118
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Rizki Hegia Sampurna
Accommodating Religious Practices in the Workplace: The Case of Indonesian Workers in Taiwan
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.93
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Inayah Hidayati
The Process of Migration and Communication Technology Roles among Labor Migrants in Batam - Indonesia
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.99
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Siti Sarawati Johar
Domain Dimension of Family Relationships in the South of Johor through the Family Well-Being Index 2017
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.129
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Kurniati Abidin, Yusuf Djabbar
A Symbolic Interaction Analysis of Waria (Transgender Women) in Makassar - Eastern Indonesia
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.113
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Hendra Cipta
Determinant Factors of Entrepreneurial Spirits among the Minangkabau Migrant Merchants
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.110
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Muhammad Sahlan, Suci Fajarni, Siti Ikramatoun, Ade Ikhsan Kamil, Iromi Ilham
The Roles of Ulama in the process of Post-Conflict Reconciliation in Aceh
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.106
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Widia Lestari, Drajat Tri Kartono, Argyo Demartoto, Khabib Bima Setiyawan
The Empowerment of Households towards Independence through Social Capital in Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH)
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.124
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Ibrahim Ibrahim, Nizwan Zukhri, Rendy Rendy
From Nature Tourism to Ecotourism: Assessing the Ecotourism Principles Fulfillment of Tourism Natural Areas in Bangka Belitung
DOI : https://doi.org/10.33019/society.v7i2.111
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